Welcome to the Nim Package Directory

This service allows you to explore Nim packages known to Nimble.
It tests package installation and generates documentation using "nim doc".
It also generates badges with the output of install test and documentation generation that you can link to.

Successful runs look like: Install testInstall testOKOK and Doc buildDoc buildOKOK

Markdown links to install test and documentation:

[![Build Status](https://nimble.directory/ci/badges/jester/nimdevel/status.svg)](https://nimble.directory/ci/badges/jester/nimdevel/output.html)

[![Build Status](https://nimble.directory/ci/badges/jester/nimdevel/docstatus.svg)](https://nimble.directory/ci/badges/jester/nimdevel/doc_build_output.html)
Add your own packages. Contribute to this service.